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Together we are entering a new year, the fifteenth row, evaluating all our work within a year and seeing the achievements, results and challenges. Together we have endured another year, but this time more united and closer to each other. Together we have accomplished a goal of beginning of the year, the ABC Cinema to make the place where we meet more often to enjoy not only cinematic art world but also Albanian.

And together, we succeeded! We achieved that 2014 will be the year the greater visibility almost a decade, about 56 thousand spectators, with a greater number of world premieres and with greater quality.

This is the year when the Albanian film, besides film world, has come more into play when the ABC cinema featuring over 365 days are 10 Albanian movies premieres, attracting 20 percent of the total number of viewers.

This year he made all of us proud, art lovers, people of culture and cinematography, views from different levels of society, from the ABC cinema have found their place where exchange ideas and where taste and art.

But this year makes us to be even more committed because ABC cinema as the first cinema in the whole territory of Kosovo, since 15 years, continues to be the pride of the capital and around the country. It makes us more committed to our work to ensure that all viewers and art lovers find themselves and see it as a window of their liaison with the world of cinematography.

And we are committed to bring only value.

Statistics: 2014, year with the highest viewership in the past 10 years

52 world premieres: 56.000 spectators * 12% increase from 2013

Holivudiane 42 world premieres, in digital format and in what 3D

10 Albanian premiere of films: 20% of total viewership.

Top three movies to watch:

  1. The Fault in Our Stars – 3578 views
  2. The Amazing Spiderman – 3275 views
  3. ZORI- 2500 views


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